January 20, 2020

What Is A Buddy Punch AND I’m in the Running for a New Job

By Paul Bieber

What the heck is a buddy punch? It might be when two guys tell bad jokes and one guy smacks another when the joke is really bad. The buzzer says no to this answer. Maybe it is the name of a new way to punch a hole in aluminum? The buzzer says no again. Read on to find the correct answer and the answer to my blogging future.

A buddy punch is when an employee leaves the work place early and later a buddy punches his time card so he gets paid the full day. It is also used to sign someone in if they are running late in the morning. You might think this is silly. It’s not. This occurs quite often according to an article in Workforce Magazine.

This robs the employer of money and, more importantly, work time. While no one will go to jail for this, if found out at your company, in my opinion, both people should be terminated or at least given a serious suspension.

OK, how do you prevent this? One way is to give everyone their own plastic card which they slide through a reader when entering or leaving. Someone can still give their card to another, but this will reduce, somewhat, this problem. The same goes for signing in with a numerical password. The only sure-fire way to prevent this is a camera system integrated with your time clock.

I urge you to speak with your time and attendance parts and supplies provider to get updated versions of what your time system can do.

Now to my fond farewell to 14 years as a blogger. Probably. My National League baseball team is the New York Mets. My American League team is the Boston Red Sox. Due to the ridiculous cheating by the Houston Astros, both the Mets and the Sox have an immediate need for a manager as both current managers have been fired. I am on the ‘short list’ of potential managers for both teams. I am sure, yes really darn sure, that I will get one of the jobs. The odds of that might be about 199 million to one but my main fear is that they both want me, and it would be a tough choice for me to make. So keep your eye on the sport pages of your local paper to see what my future plans really are.