February 24, 2020

March 2nd is a Required OSHA Filing Date for All of Us in the Glass Industry

By Paul Bieber

I know that safety is the number one goal of most companies in our industry, rightly so. No one wants an accident, no matter the severity. Small accidents tend to grow into serious ones—this is a proven fact. When I was running our company we were very strong on reducing accidents and eliminating as many obstacles as we could that could create an accident.

No matter your size, ease of walking and handling glass was the number one cause of accidents in our plant and, I am sure, yours. In a small company it is hard to create glass-free zones; in large companies this is the most important thing you can do. If you are primarily a metal house, make sure all of your machines have the proper guards and kickback prevention.

The single most important thing is management being behind a safe working plan. As a manager or owner, you should have a five- to ten-minute meeting, each week, discussing safety with all of your employees. If you have multiple shifts, have multiple meetings. Listen to your people when you ask are there any unsafe situations in your plant and work diligently to fix these.

Now comes March 2nd. This is the date by which most companies need to file electronically, the form 300A to OSHA. There are some industries which don’t have to file. We are not among these. All companies in the construction industry in the U.S. must file.

It is not a complicated thing to do. Go to OSHA.gov/industry/reporting. Follow the instructions. There is an area to click if you have questions. If you have the records handy, this should only take a half-hour at most. You still have to keep your handwritten log at your company even as you file this form and the two must match. If on the off-chance you forget to file and you are audited, this will be a serious fine added to whatever else an investigator sees.