March 17, 2020

What is Facing Your Glass Business Today?

By Paul Bieber

This will change each and every day we move forward through this COVID-19 virus cycle, but what steps can you take now to mitigate the effect of this crisis on your company?

Look at the credit of your customers. Some will be out of business in 60 days. Make sure you get strong deposits on all new work, and make sure you get each progress payment set up in your contract. Don’t take, “Next week,” for an answer.

On residential work, get 50% with the order and the balance before you walk out the door. Your vendors will be tightening up their credit requirements as well. Keep abreast of what they want.

Today and tomorrow the U.S. Senate is taking up the bill to offer unemployment insurance for people in quarantine or forced to stay home for childcare with all of the school closings. Stay current with news so you can formulate your business plans.

Keep your eyes open for competitors who may be closing. You may have an opportunity to hire some good help.

Your number one job is to keep your employees and yourself healthy. Wear gloves, wash your hands and sanitize as many times a day as necessary. Don’t go to places you don’t have to go, especially in crowds. Think twice about accepting work in crowded locations, unless it is a regular customer and you must go. Handshaking is out…elbow bumps are in. Keep your social distances at 6 feet. Don’t stand in lines close to people. Use the drive-thru at your favorite coffee place. Don’t go inside.

Be prepared for your business to slow down; all of America will be staying home. It’s hard to run a glass business remotely so make sure you follow proper hygiene and keep your distances from people even as your business is ongoing.

Lastly, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.