April 7, 2020

Right Now in North America

By Paul Bieber

This is a wonderfully special week in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and actually in the world. There will be hundreds of millions, or more, families celebrating Holy Weeks in many ways and styles. Among these folks are our glass community. I wish to all a very healthy celebration.

We are in an industry that must remain active but in very different ways than before. We are in an industry where people need our services in emergencies and we respond. Please take very special care of your employees and co-workers and ensure, to the best possible ways, that they are wearing masks and gloves for their contacts with customers.

The U.S. government is trying to help small businesses. No matter your political leanings, our small businesses can take advantage of this loan and/or grant program to help maintain payrolls. I hope all business owners are fighting the lines and red tape to be part of this program.

Staying at home is tough, especially with children who need to go out and run. (Just ask my 3-year-old grandson!) Elaine and I wish all of our readers and all of our people a safe, stay-at-home, Holiday Week.