May 11, 2020

Which Paul Am I?

By Paul Bieber

So, it is Tuesday and you are confused. Well, I am Paul Bieber and am very proud to now share my Tuesday blog with Paul Daniels. In the future you will be thoroughly confused which Paul is writing and that is okay. We will both be imparting our knowledge, wisdom and an occasional joke to our loyal readers.

Speaking of an occasional joke, here is a good one:
A weasel walks into a bar.
The bartender says, “I have never served a weasel before. What would you like?”
“Pop,” goes the weasel.

Groans are acceptable at this point. And I bet most of you will be repeating this one around the dinner table.

Our daughter and her husband and our new granddaughter are leaving Manhattan and are coming to Vermont for a couple of weeks. They both work from home and we have a dear friend who is loaning them a cabin. It doesn’t get better than this.

So, they are going to be borrowing Elaine’s car for a few weeks. We didn’t want them to see how dirty and grungy it was so we took the car to a detailer. When the detailer was half-way through the job, he sent us pictures to show his progress. When he finished, he sent a dozen more pictures. We picked up the car and he couldn’t wait to show us what looked like a new car.

Keeping our 6-foot distance and wearing masks, he gave us a tour of the car and it did look showroom ready. He popped the hood and we were astonished that he had cleaned the engine as well.

Elaine commented to him that it was nice to see how proud he was of his work. He said, “I don’t deliver any car that I am not proud of.” While driving home I realized this gentleman wrote my blog for me. In one sentence.

Make this your motto. Instill this in the folks that work with you and the return customers will be there.