June 2, 2020

Efficient Communication Will Help Your Business

By Paul Daniels

Two weeks ago my home phone went out. We had no dial tone, only static and, of course, our cell phones only work about half the time from the house. After calling my provider they said the issue was inside the house and they would send out a technician. I was impressed with their preparation. They called me with a time when they would arrive and said that the technician would call when they were on the way. My technician called right on time to let me know when he would arrive.

He surprised me. When he pulled up in front of the house he called again before he got out of his truck to let me know he had arrived and to ask if I wanted to meet him outside or what entrance would be best. I met him outside in the driveway. He was wearing a mask and gloves and keeping social distance. He let me know what he needed access to and what tools he needed to bring in. We decided the front door was the closest access for him and he went to work. His quick call from in front of the house really put me at ease. We were able to make a plan for the call that made us both comfortable.

If you are doing residential work, it would be time well spent to call when you arrive at the residence before you approach the home. Not only would this put your customer at ease but it would reduce your set-up time by making a quick plan to get started. At large construction sites, or when making glass deliveries, this would not only help social distance but increase efficiency in getting on the jobsite. When delivering glass, communicating safety protocols before leaving the truck can become part of your safety program.

We are all using technology to keep our social distancing. People are video conferencing, both at work and socially. I just read an article about an architectural firm that is now meeting on Zoom even though they are all in the office. They report people are more prepared for the meetings and are accomplishing more in less time. As we all adapt to deal with this pandemic, we are learning better ways to communicate and run our businesses. Using cell phones, FaceTime or Zoom to communicate, whether we are working from home, in the next office or sitting in a truck in front of a customer’s house, is becoming a part of the new normal.