August 17, 2020

A Tip on Hiring in These Trying Times

By Paul Bieber

Every business person, in the glass industry or otherwise, tells me how hard it is to hire people right now. They advertise and get a ton of resumes. That is when the problem occurs.

You are busy at work and take the resumes home to read over the weekend, making two piles, the rejects and the maybes. You go back to work and start calling the maybes on Monday night, Tuesday night and on into Wednesday. You get the response from the best folks saying they have already found a job but thanks for the call. After working the maybes, you have three people coming in for an interview, one of which will not show up, leaving you with two medium-good people to choose from and you wonder why you can’t get top quality people.

What did you do wrong? Everything. In today’s hiring climate, when you place an ad be ready to jump on the results the same day. When you place an ad about your glass company and a potential customer calls in wanting a shower door quote, you set up an appointment ASAP to give an estimate.

Do the same thing when hiring. If you see a good candidate, know that others will see this person as a good potential employee as well. Call or write an email today and set up either an in-person meeting or a Zoom call for that evening. Don’t wait.

You know that the shower door customer may have contacted another glass shop or a plumber. I will bet you a nickel that the good candidate has been contacted by other companies as well. When you want to hire, do that quickly and you will be better off.

P.S.: Two weeks ago this writer’s blog talked about my kinfolk, Shane Bieber, a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. Here are his current stats, with a game scheduled for Tuesday Night. Shane’s record: 4 wins, 0 losses; era 1.30; 54 strikeouts and 6 walks; opposing batters hitting .160 against him. Folks, never doubt a Bieber, whether in baseball or glass.