August 4, 2020

Some Little Known Facts About Baseball, Cleveland and the Bieber Clan

By Paul Bieber

So, it is time to forget about COVID-19 and the important parts of our lives. Baseball is back and that, to me, is almost as important as the grandkids. But I realized you have been reading this blog of a dozen years and don’t really know who I am.

I was born in Cleveland (I have forgotten which year) and, as a child, was the biggest fan that the Cleveland Indians ever had. Every piece of clothing I had was covered in images of baseball players or the Indians’ logo. So my love of ball started early. The Indians were all mine.

So now you know I was born in Cleveland and loved baseball. Where is this blog going? The Cleveland Indians drafted a new player in 2018. He looked good. Well why not? You see, his name is Shane Robert BIEBER. This is not a name that comes about often. So, he must be from my family, but doesn’t want to mention this for fear of starting a stampede for his picture and autograph. Lesser players from our family have changed their names in fear of letting us down. But not Shane. He is proud of his heritage and we are proud of him.

This year he tied an American League record, striking out 27 batters in his first two games. His lifetime stats, so far, are 28 wins and 13 losses, a very darn good record so far. He even has one hit, a double, which is rare for an American League pitcher, considering the designated hitter rule.

So dear readers, it is up to you to decide if Shane is a great pitcher in Cleveland because, deep down, he really is part of our family, or could it be that an old-timer like me is just riding on his coattails?

Whatever you decide, I wish you, your family and friends and those you work with a safe and healthy day.