September 28, 2020

A True Story Of Good and Bad Customer Service

By Paul Bieber

How can I tell you a true story? What can I say to prove it is true? The simple answer: This happened to my wife, Elaine, and me. And, this was about our custom shower installation. So, take my word for this and read on…you can be sure this is true!

Our house was built in 1940. We moved in a while back and I knew we would want to upgrade our bathrooms. We started the project about six years ago and were extremely happy with the rip-out, and the install of everything from pipes to tile to glass doors.

Then this happened about four weeks ago. The shower head in my wife’s bathroom started leaking all over. Taking the shower head down, there was a broken nylon washer. This part should have cost a nickel, or maybe even a dime. I took the part to the local dealer who installed the plumbing and he could not figure out what the part was. He suggested we buy a new shower head for about $70. Not the answer I was looking for.

I looked on the web from the parts catalog of the manufacturer and could not find this five-cent piece. I kept telling Elaine, “I am a glass creature and know all about showers.” She laughed at me. A few days later she took control of the problem and called Delta, the manufacturer of the shower head. A wonderful lady answered her call and after a half-hour on the phone this very special lady said she could not identify the part either and said she would send us a new shower head, at no charge, to solve the problem.

That is what I call outstanding customer service. We received the new shower head three days later and it took all of five minutes to put in. So, I can promise that whenever anyone asks about showers in my professional or personal life, I will strongly say that they have to use Delta products.

The new shower head lists in the Delta catalog for $90. I am sure that Delta’s investment in customer service and integrity will pay them back ten times over. They didn’t know that I write a blog like this, where my readers may have a say in what parts they use on an installation. I hope you use Delta.

This is what customer service should be.

And now, for the latest on my kin, Shane Bieber of the Cleveland Indians. The Indians are in the playoffs and ready to go for the title. Shane’s has a record of eight wins and one loss. He has pitched 77.1 innings, struck out 122 and walked only 21. His ERA is 1.63 and just about every commentator says he will earn the Cy Young award this year. He won the pitching triple crown this year: tied for most wins, had the most strikeouts and the lowest ERA. First time someone has won this since 2006. Way to go cousin Shane.

It is the Bieber family genes that got him here. Of this, I am sure.