September 1, 2020

Here Is a Simple Plan to Cut Your Future Sales in Half

By Paul Bieber

Yup, cut in half. How many of you dream about doing that? You’ll have less headaches, less employee problems, fewer bills to pay, and maybe move to a smaller space, reducing your rent and saving on trucking and utilities! It just doesn’t get better than this. And, here is the best of all, you will have less money in your business account so you won’t have to worry about giving raises, buying new equipment or giving yourself a year-end bonus. How sweet this would be?

There are some very simple ways to achieve this. Take your pick:

  1. Raise your prices by 50%.
  2. Move all scheduled work times out by two weeks, giving no notice to your ongoing customers.
  3. Stop paying your vendors on time so that incoming shipments are late.
  4. Put a 2020 election sign favoring one candidate or another in front of your building, on your trucks or by wearing campaign buttons on your shirt or uniform.

1, 2 or 3 are easy. It is number 4 that confuses most business. We live in the United States, where voting is a right for all of us and being involved in politics is the current national game.

Most people and companies who spend money with a glass shop have choices on which glass company to go to. If you are like me, you have a favorite business where you go, whether for a cup of coffee in the morning or to make a major purchase. I will not give my business to a company that promotes the candidate I am not in favor of. Flat-out will not spend a cent in that business. I will go out of my way to spend at a store that either supports my candidate, or doesn’t show any candidate or party affiliation in the front lawn or hanging in the front window.

Most of the people I know feel exactly the same. No middle ground here.

We are in the middle of some unnerving times in our country. Every person should be acquainted with the goings on in our nation and the differences in the political parties. But not a work.

Nothing at work, in any form, should be political. No buttons, no hats, no nothing.

Put your signs up at home, work for your candidate on the evenings or weekends, donate funds from your personal account, teach your children and care about America. All of these are important. But not at work.

PS: For those of us following Shane Bieber (maybe he really is my cousin) of the Cleveland Indians, his record is now 6-0, with 84 strikeouts in 53 2/3 innings pitched and 13 walks. His ERA is 1.20. Lots of talk on the sports pages that cousin Shane is going to be the Cy Young winner this year. Stay tuned.