October 26, 2020

Employee Morale And Voting

By Paul Bieber

You are saying, “Huh?” What does Bieber have his head wrapped up in now? Well here it is. Since you are reading this you are in the glass industry and probably a leader, manager or owner of your company. You are busy now, can’t find enough good employees and worry about losing those you have. Your employees grumble about long working hours and feel undervalued. Do I have your attention now?

Put it all together and you have low morale in your workforce. Whether you are a five-person company, or a size 50, poor employee morale leaves you with mistakes, cost overruns and unhappy customers. You don’t want any of these, I hope.

From now until next Tuesday, you have the golden opportunity to help your employees vote. A person who has just voted, maybe for the first time, is totally pleased with him or herself. This good feeling definitely will carry over to their work life, which, in turn, helps your company.

The big deal right now is the election and people want to vote but don’t have the time to stand in lines that can last for hours. I have talked with many, many folks who want to vote, some for the first time in their lives, but can’t create the time to do it. It doesn’t matter which party they vote for; it matters that these citizens of our country get to exercise their freedom to vote, and this, my dear reader, will help your employee morale.

Announce tomorrow morning that an employee, with proper scheduling, can come in three hours late or take a long lunch or leave three hours early to vote. Yes, it is to be paid time. Yes, you will find someone to go with this person if they have never voted before. Yes, you will get someone to help your employee, and possibly their family, cast their vote. And you will pay them for this three hours with a smile on your face because you have improved the life of your employee and helped our country. All for three hours’ time.

Your employees will really appreciate your caring about them. Your employees will be proud to help one of their co-workers and, believe it or not, you will be proud for helping your team be a great part of our wonderful country.