February 9, 2021

This Blog Is Not About the Super Bowl (Way To Go, Tom). This Blog Is Not About Politics Either.

By Paul Bieber

This blog is about you, dear reader, and what you can personally do to improve your company, which directly translates to a better bottom line in 2021. It really is simple. No magic. No special fairy dust.

In my 45 years of being in our wonderful glass industry, the companies that succeed the best are the ones that take good care of their employees.

Let’s start by defining success with only two parameters. First, do you enjoy going to work every day? Does it give you a thrill when you get to your own front door? Second, do you make enough money, thinking short- and long-term, to justify your investment of effort and resources?

You have employees and the better your employees are, the better your company will be.

Take good care of your people. Give strong benefits. Care about your peoples’ health and safety. Pay a competitive wage. That’s it. So simple. It is your key to success. If your people love to work with you, they will take care of you as well as your taking care of them.

In my consulting business, I get calls from glass shop owners who want help in hiring good people. They don’t understand why they have employee turnover. After five minutes of listening to their benefits package, I can tell them that they will never retain great employees.

And some companies never have to place a help-wanted ad because of the culture created for their people. People mail their resumes to these companies hoping to get a call one day and to have an interview. Benefits ranks as number one, health and safety are number two and payroll is number three.

I can easily promise that if you take good care of your people they will take good care of you.