March 16, 2021

Are You Regenerative or Adaptive?

By Paul Daniels

Over the last couple of weeks, I have seen several articles advising job seekers to emphasize their regenerative strengths when going for job interviews. This is what employers are going to be looking for post COVID-19. Regenerative seems to be the new buzz word. The glass industry has shown its strength to be its ability to solve problems and adapt. These are the same strengths that will be needed as our economy starts to open up.

This week, I have seen some clear signs that things are moving in the right direction. After getting my vaccination I treated myself to a haircut (now that Los Angeles County is opening up) and a trip to Target. The first sign I noticed was how hard it was to get a parking space. Then, when I entered the store, one of the first shelves I came to was loaded with Clorox wipes, 75% alcohol wipes, and what seemed like hundreds of cans of Lysol disinfectant spray and cleaners. All the signs were gone that used to restrict shoppers to only one of these products at a time. It clearly shows that people will continue to adapt.

Those of us in the glass industry will need the same skills that have helped over the last year to adapt to the economy moving forward. We will have to continue to adapt holding on to some of the better changes we have made over the last year and continuing to keep the workplace safe for all. Many of the skills we have adapted to will be around for a long time—Zoom meetings replacing long-distance sales calls, working from home when appropriate, not crowding office spaces and communicating better with our customers before meetings and deliveries. One option that I think is important, is scheduling your staff to take advantage of vaccination appointments and making it easy for them to get the needed time off when their turn arrives. The ability to be flexible and adapt to change will continue to be your best strengths to emphasis as we move to a post-COVID economy.