March 23, 2021

What A Month It Has Been

By Paul Bieber

Could it be that long? I didn’t think so, but the calendar doesn’t lie (except for my age). A very interesting month.  Received my first COVID shot and my second shot is only four days away. Planning for two weeks after that to see our two new granddaughters in person instead of the cell phone screen. Bought a new computer, keeping six feet apart from the local computer store staff, and becoming more optimistic about the decline of the COVID health crisis.

What does all this have to do with you operating your glass company? When Elaine and I went to get our first shot, the nurse told us they were inoculating 1,000 folks a day at this site. This is 1,000 more people who are not afraid to walk into a store.

You are going to see an uptick in foot traffic and a large gain in people willing to invite you to their home or office for suggestions on a shower door or to replace a door closer.  Now is the time to solidly gear up for this. Is your showroom picture-perfect clean? Do your in-store customer service coworkers and quoting personnel wear masks to protect themselves and your customers? It doesn’t matter what your politics are on mask-wearing; care about the politics of the potential customer walking in the door. In two weeks, when I can casually go into a store, I will still wear my mask. If the customer service folks are not masked, I walk out.

In the last seven days, there have been 379,330 confirmed cases of COVID, with 7,357 deaths in the United States.  Please don’t let that be you or your family, your co-workers or your customers.

A note from Paul. I fully understand that infection and death rates are significantly down in the last two months and that is great news. On the other hand, a close friend died of COVID just a few weeks ago. I understand that many people feel it is an intrusion into their lives to require wearing a mask. Is it worth dying for?