June 1, 2021

Yes, You Should Ask Your Customers How Happy They Are With You

By Paul Bieber

Why? You know you did a good job. If you are a one-person company, you know the answer. But most of the folks who read this blog are bigger than that. How do you know if your installers are doing a great job if you don’t ask?

Every single day you should follow up with every finished job. Make it a standard part of your billing procedure to call the client, both commercial or residential. Ask if they are happy with the install. Ask if the installers did the job the customers expected; ask if they cleaned up after themselves; and ask if there is anything else your company can do for them, mentioning some of the other services you offer.

Your customers will call you if there is a real foul-up on the job. Always. But, when things go well, which is the goal, customers rarely call or write to say thank you. When you hear about the good things not only are you happy, but it gives you a specific reason to praise your team. Then there are the little things that a customer mentions that may need improvement. Improving these items are what will turn you from a good glass supplier to a great glass supplier.

Every auto glass customer should also be contacted as well.

When you can’t reach the customer by phone during the day, create a stack of customers that need to be called in the evening and have one of your office folks call once a week, for an hour, from home.

Doing these follow-ups ensures your team will go out of their way to be even better at a customer’s home or business, which translates to fewer call-backs and better profitability. Not a bad return on your investment of time for these phone calls.