August 3, 2021

Building a Strong Team will Attract Good People

By Paul Daniels

Years ago, my old boss told me that he had to continue to grow the business to keep and attract good people. As we hear the numerous stories in the glass business about the challenges of hiring employees, it is important to make sure that you are taking care of the people taking care of the business now. Companies that focus on building a strong team, providing pleasant working conditions and a path for professional growth will not only keep good people but attract the best in the industry to their organization. “Emphasize the human values of your workplace that appeal to today’s candidates, such as meaningful work, appreciation, work-life harmony, diversity/inclusion/belonging as well as professional growth.”

One way to do this is to say, “thank you.” In an article by Eric Mosley, he states, “Locked in their bureaucratic habits, leaders forget that just saying ‘thank you’ sincerely and often is the most effective way to create a culture where people want to stay. The business case for a culture of recognition is easy to quantify. Workers who are thanked for their work have lower turnover, even high performers and people high in the organization. It’s just human nature to enjoy someone saying thank you. Recognition builds trust and tighter relationships, which in turn streamline teamwork and information-sharing. While leaders must initiate cultural changes like public recognition for a job well done, a culture of recognition really takes off when every employee picks up the habit. As a result, an organization will retain positive people that are impactful and innovative because they are happy and connected to the humans around them.” This will attract others to your organization.

With almost one million people quitting their jobs in June, it is important that you are creating a workplace people want to come to every day. “So many job openings mean lots of opportunity for workers who are fed up with lousy workplace conditions. Sometimes that means a physically uncomfortable workplace.”

Whether your business is large or small, working conditions are important. Industry leaders all have some things in common, including clean and well-lit workspaces, updated and well-serviced machinery and vehicles. These examples will extend to lunchrooms, break areas and restrooms. Providing company shirts, uniform services and business cards for all your employees will emphasize pride in their profession.

To retain and attract good people to your organization, give them a nice place to come to work every day and try emphasizing gratitude and recognition in your business. A good way to start is to say “thank you” sincerely and often.