September 21, 2021

It’s Christmas Shopping Time for the Glass Industry

By Paul Bieber


Customers are looking for bathroom renovations NOW! Does this show up in your showroom or your advertising? Does your internet presence show that you do this better than other pros can possibly do it? Do you include before and after pictures in advertising? If you don’t, you should.

Do you feature mirror jobs in bathrooms? You should. How about new windows in older houses? I’m sure you have done this. Let’s see a picture or two.

Spiff up your showroom with holiday themes like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanza.

Set up a glass dining room table, or at least a sign that says you can replace all glass tabletops.

Ask a family member or a friend to visit other local glass shops and report on their various showrooms. Find out what they are showing, and more importantly, what they are missing.

Signs in your showroom? Try these:
• Early Season Sale on Shower Doors;
• Fix Your Screens Now;
• Low-E Energy Saving Glass, Get It Here;
• New Mirrors Make You Look Better;
• Is The Picture Window In Your Living Room Fogged Up? We Can Replace it.

Put signs on your trucks and in your showroom window.
Give a $25 bonus for every truck drive/installer who brings back a quote request for a product different than they were installing.
Have your employees that interact with customers start to wear little Christmas ornaments on their uniforms. This is a great way to start a conversation.
By the way, we can’t get too far into the future. Baseball is getting into playoff mode. Signs that say something like “Hit A Home Run With Us,” are never wrong for the next month.

A couple of weeks back my blog asked folks what software they were using and if enough folks answered, I would write a column on it. Sorry to say, not enough answers came in for me to give a solid column. Maybe next time.