November 16, 2021

Let’s Talk About Someone Who Knows Your Business Better Than You

By Paul Bieber

Who could that possibly be?  You do everything at “Your Glass Shop” located on Main Street in Everytown, N.H. Who could know more than you? Hmm, let’s take a good guess … Duh, of course, it is your employees. Each and everyone of them has at least one good idea that can help you and your company.

How do you get these folks to use their experience and knowledge to help? Easy. Put out an employee suggestion box and pay close attention to it. Make it easy. Accept an idea written on a small card or up to a one-page letter. Open your suggestion box (keep it locked) at least twice a week. Respond to each signed question.

It is my experience that about half of the suggestions will be junk, unsigned and stupid. The good news is the other half will really help you and your company. Take a serious look at these suggestions and I am betting you will find some very good thoughts for running your company. Write a note back to each person who submits a readable suggestion. You will find about half of these suggestions merit action on your part and will improve something in your company.

Here comes the fun part. When the suggestion acts as a money-saver, share those savings, up to 20% for the first year only, with the person who made the suggestion. Make these payouts during meetings every three months, and you will find it increases the number of good suggestions.

Every worker in your company has the option of making improvements. This simple communications channel, a basic metal box attached to the wall near the time clock, will really help improve your organization.