March 29, 2022

Part Of Running Your Business Is Seeing What’s On The Horizon

By Paul Bieber

Yup, you are busy now. You can’t find any workers with skills, so why would you want to learn what’s coming next when you can’t even keep up with what is here now? I hear you and understand where you are coming from. Okay. Stay the way you are. But don’t be surprised when your competitors start working with a new product line that earns quite a bit of new business, and then you won’t have to worry about hiring folks.

You get the hint. This week’s column is a strong and important reminder to attend the Glass Expo Northeast in Uniondale, Long Island, next week, on Wednesday and Thursday. Come for a day and see what’s new and what would fit your business’ style. See what you can handle now and what you should prepare for when next year rolls in.

This week’s blog is a pure and unquestioned plug for the Glass Expo. No doubt about it. I guarantee that you will meet the important folks of our trade, learn from them and take home plans and ideas for your company, no matter the size.

And the special news, of course, is that many of your favorite USGlass writers will be there to help you learn. Paul Daniels and I will also be at the USGlass booth. We both look forward to seeing our friends from our time working in the area.

The Expo is next week, on Wednesday and Thursday at the Marriot Hotel, Uniondale, on Long Island, about 30 minutes outside of New York City. You will learn what will be important in our industry going forward.

Visit for more information.