September 20, 2022

Experienced People are your Best Asset

By Paul Daniels

This month’s issue of USGlass Magazine features the best companies to work for in the industry. Some of these companies I know well, others not as much. They all seem to have two things in common: focusing first on employees and customers. In my past life, my boss would comment that the most valuable thing we have is our employees. You can rent or buy buildings and equipment, but nothing is as valuable as experienced people.

My boss would also say, “never forget we are in business for our customers.”

Positive company culture is not just good for the employees but also for the company. I have said in the past that people want to buy from friendly companies. When you have staff that likes to come to work in the morning, take care of customers and solve problems you are probably going to be successful.

In today’s market, this type of culture will help attract good people. Your staff can be your most powerful employment agency, ushering in friends or relatives into your business. This is quite a compliment to your business.

The glass industry is a relationship business. Contractors want to do business with companies that they know and feel comfortable with. Customers will stay with you and recommend your company to their friends if they feel like they are important to your company.

It’s important to be flexible with both your employees and customers. If an employee has some personal issues that need to be addressed, you need to work with them. If a good customer needs a favor getting something done quickly, you need to show them that you will do whatever you can to help them out.

Your employees and customers are why you’re in business. Remember that and you will have a successful business and might even get on the cover of a magazine!