October 18, 2022

Personal Branding

By Paul Daniels

This week, I read an interesting article by Ciarra Maraj, who is an editor at Linkedin News. Maraj explained that “a personal brand can take your career to the next level because it presents you as an authority in your field, elevates your reputation and differentiates you from the competition.”

Companies large and small understand the importance of branding. It defines what the company stands for and what differentiates them from the competition. Social media has made it easier for individuals to create personal brands. Personal brand building is something that you can be working on every day to advance your career or industry status without going online.

I also read an article that disagreed with self-promotion. The article, written by Tom Peters, says that “it’s not about sucking up, it’s about sucking sideways.”  What that means is that you should distinguish yourself through what you do and whom you know, not by sucking up to superiors.

If you do want to thrive, networking and prioritizing continuing education is the key to establishing a successful personal brand.

Peters says that if you’re not learning constantly, your career will flatline.

“Be a student for life,” says Peters. “Don’t let the sun set today without being a little bit smarter than you were yesterday. There’s no question in my mind that the best student wins.”

I see a real increase in interest in the glass industry for continued education. Many companies are helping with webinars and educational literature. I am here at the GlassBuild America trade show in Las Vegas, and I see a big increase in seminars and educational presentations both by the show and in many booths. Many companies in our industry offer educational opportunities on their websites, as well.

As Peters writes, don’t go to bed without knowing a little more than you did when you woke up.