March 28, 2023

This is a Relationship Industry, and that makes us Stronger

By USGlass Editor

Our industry continues to show that building relationships is good for business. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been involved in several industry events that have brought many companies with common interests together to discuss and share common successes and issues facing our industry. Whether it’s tips on growing a successful business or building a positive workplace culture, the glass industry is open to sharing experiences.

Last week I was invited, along with Danny Donahue from FHC, to speak with a group of shower door companies that meet each Wednesday at 5:30 EST to share and discuss the shower door business. A small group of shower door company owners started meeting during the Covid-19 pandemic to share some of the ways they were adapting and surviving. They have since welcomed both large and small business owners to join.

The group is called The Shower Door Professionals. This small group that found each other on Facebook during the pandemic has really grown. They now meet weekly on Facebook and broadcast The Shower Door Pros Weekly Live Stream. This is open to all, and I would highly recommend companies in the shower door business to check it out. The participants range from glass tempering companies to small shower installers and everyone in between. They often have guest speakers or just an open Q & A discussion. What impressed me the most, after reviewing a few past meetings that they offer as recorded sessions, was how open everyone was to answer questions. The conversation really showed the friendships that have started over the months. Chris Phillips, one of the founders, keeps it professional and focused on general issues.

The BEC conference in Las Vegas was another great relationship-building experience. From the small vendor tables in the lobby to some of the building envelope leaders who participated in panel presentations, all were open to discussing issues that affect us all. During the Q & As, speakers were glad to share their ideas and solutions with the audience when asked. The agenda also kept companies up-to-date on everything from building codes to where people think the industry is headed in the future. During the cocktail hours, many friendships were made and relationships built.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I saw the same enthusiasm at the Colorado Glass Association meeting earlier this year. Whether it’s building relationships with employees, customers, vendors or even competitors, working together as an industry will make us all more successful.