May 14, 2024

Thinking Outside the Box

By USGlass Editor

I checked in with my brother this past week to say hello. I asked how the family was doing, and he said great. He had set up a golf date with his three sons this past Sunday. It had been a while since they had all had a free day to plan something.

After a few minutes, I asked, “Isn’t Sunday Mother’s Day?” He said yes. He had no problem getting a tee time at their favorite course; he had several options. He said his wife had insisted. At first, he didn’t get it, but then she told him where she wanted to go for Father’s Day. They figure they will have no problem making the reservation.

People always talk about thinking outside the box. This is a simple but effective example. I was in the traditional box for Mother’s Day. My daughter, who is expecting our first grandchild in July, visited for the weekend. We had a baby shower and a great Mother’s Day.

As an update, I finally got my car back a few weeks ago. It had been in the autobody shop since January 12, 2024. The last due date was April 21. When that date came and went, I got a text from the autobody shop telling me the new date would be May 30.

I got upset enough to contact the dealership where the sensors had been on backorder. I stopped and spoke with the manager, who took my story with a grain of salt until we met with the parts manager. When I told him my autobody shop was waiting for a sensor, he immediately knew who I was and told the dealership general manager the whole story.

He pulled out his notes between the body shop, himself and the factory. He admitted he did not have much confidence in the new date either. He gave me all the information about the order and a number to call the manufacturer to file my grievance.

The manufacturer’s customer service agent was sympathetic and told me they would open a case. They called two days later to let me know they were looking into it. I also mentioned that I had to extend my rental car another 30 days, and since I was now up to about $4,000 in rental fees over the amount my insurance policy paid, I thought they could at least get me a loaner car.

The sensors arrived on May 1, and I got my car back two days later. My case agent was pleased they had sent out my sensor immediately and asked what else they could do for me. I mentioned the rental car fees. They said they would look into it and get back to me. I will keep you posted.