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September 17, 2007

Hiring for the Ethnic Marketplace

The ethnic marketplace is growing in the United States. Glass use is cross-cultural, in that people of all cultures need glass replaced. Don’t confuse economic class with cultural class. Poor people of any culture wont buy a new frameless shower, but middle and upper class in every culture are customers for heavy glass. You goal is to make it as easy as possible for every […]

September 9, 2007

Cross-Cultural Selling

Everyone in business wants this…an easy path to selling more of whatever we sell; probably glass if you are reading this blog. The United States is the world’s largest (and BEST) melting pot. We have hundreds of cultures living in peace and harmony. How you can tap into this cultural sales market…read on. First a true story. My paternal Grandfather came here from Hungary about […]

September 4, 2007

Why the Glass Industry is Better Than Baseball

Ouch, this headline a hard statement to make, especially to me. Here is how I came to this mind-numbing conclusion. Every morning I go to to read up on my boys loss or win on the previous day. Fortunately, this year we have more wins than losses. Living in New England now, my second stop is Red, which is is also an exciting […]

August 27, 2007

A Blunt Reply to a Ding-Dong in the Glass Business

I received an anonymous email from a reader that accused me of being in the employ of the glass manufacturers because I strongly advocate the use of low-E glass. Anytime Mr. or Ms. Stupidly Anonymous wishes to view my bank deposit records they are welcome; but that will never happen because they don’t want to speak in person. I, and the others who write here, […]

August 20, 2007

Raising A Glass Can Destroy Your Glass Business

Sure, it was just an occasional beer on a hot day. But you have been noticing that Sam (we’ll call him Sam) has been coming back a few minutes late from lunch and you could smell beer on him. In fact just the other day something funny happened. Sam cut a piece of window glass at 27 1/2″ instead of 21 1/2″. The customer didn’t […]