December 26, 2006

My Holiday Wish List

I wish we didn’t need bullet-resistant glass. I wish we didn’t need blast-resistant glass. I’m proud that our industry protects people in hurricanes and car accidents. I wish that our co-workers will never get hurt, but I’m glad we have hard hats and glass-workers sleeves. I wish that energy savings glass will be universal. I wish all a healthy, happy, prosperous and loving New Year. […]

December 23, 2006

The UN Building

Attention all manufacturers and fabricators: This afternoon, the United Nations announced they will be renovating the New York City headquarters building. Every laminator should jump right on this one. From a security and laminated glass point of view, this will be the most visible job in the world. I hope every US manufacturer is checking for details and gets in on this world class job. […]

December 22, 2006

What Is So Special About Ninety-Nine

99 is a funny number… 1 is just a plain straight line, 99 has got two smiles, and looks back at you! 99 rolls off the tognue with lots of syllables, not just a boring, easy-to-say 2. (( if you hold the caps key down 99 looks like this, its cool, ## when you press 3 with the caps key looks like a sports coat […]

December 19, 2006

Southern Comfort

I had a really great dinner with my closest and most respected friend this evening. I was early, he was on time, so I thought about a drink. I looked at the bar and saw a bottle of Southern Comfort, and I bet it tasted better than it looked, but since I was driving… (that’s another story) Why do they call it Southern Comfort? Because […]

December 18, 2006

What I Learned at AutoZone

Even though I wrote winter wasn’t coming to New Hampshire…there was ice on my windshield the other day. I turned on the wipers, and one stuck to the glass tearing the rubber. I went to a local AutoZone store to get one wiper blade. A young man immedietely came up to me, asked what I needed and walked me over the the correct rack. As […]