January 22, 2007

Glass Does Have a Future!

Last week, General Electric announced an 8.5 billion dollar purchase of divisions of Abbot Pharmaceuticals, as GE is growing its medical and diagnostic divisions. They also announced they saw limited growth in their plastics divisions. What a relief. I have always admired GE as a company, ( I do own a few shares) and my recurring nightmare for the last twenty years is GE would […]

January 15, 2007

Do You Love What You Do?

Since this is not a consumer-oriented blog, let’s assume we are all business people and somehow or another work with glass, metal, or energy savings. Looking at the readership surveys from ‘US Glass and Metal’, our sponsor, another assumption is that most of us are owners and/or managers. This would lead us to the concept that most of us made a decision to do what […]

January 5, 2007

In My Company We Sell Glass AND…..

In the current techspeak world the question is: Do you know your elevator speech? This refers to the one chance in a million that you run into your biggest potential client and have his or her undivided attention for 30 seconds. So, you are talking with someone and they ask what you do. You say you are in the Glass business. WRONG! You have two […]

January 2, 2007

My Personal Take on Global Warming

On New Year’s day last year, New Hampshire had over a foot of snow. We have none now. If you believe the National Geographic Channel (and I do), the arctic ice cap is smaller. The Bush administration wants to name Polar Bears as an endangered species because their hunting ground, which is the polar ice cap, is fading away, but Mr. Bush says there is […]