January 29, 2007

Winter Downtime

We all know, at least those of us above the Mason-Dixon Line, that winter is slower for the glass and metal industries. Here are some ideas to keep the crew going and hopefully avoiding layoffs: •Paint your ceiling white. This will make your shop brighter, reducing your need for electric lighting, and will save you energy dollars. •Repair every extension cord in the place. Without […]

January 22, 2007

What Do You Think of Today’s News?

A lot of people write blogs like this and tell you what to think. I’m guilty of this. Some really smart people are in Sarasota, Fla., thinking through the future of our glass and metal industry. They are guilty of this too. It sure is frustrating for writers to tell the world what to do, and the world doesn’t listen. There is a great place to […]

January 22, 2007

Glass Does Have a Future!

Last week, General Electric announced an 8.5 billion dollar purchase of divisions of Abbot Pharmaceuticals, as GE is growing its medical and diagnostic divisions. They also announced they saw limited growth in their plastics divisions. What a relief. I have always admired GE as a company, ( I do own a few shares) and my recurring nightmare for the last twenty years is GE would […]

January 15, 2007

Do You Love What You Do?

Since this is not a consumer-oriented blog, let’s assume we are all business people and somehow or another work with glass, metal, or energy savings. Looking at the readership surveys from ‘US Glass and Metal’, our sponsor, another assumption is that most of us are owners and/or managers. This would lead us to the concept that most of us made a decision to do what […]