December 13, 2006

A Quick Trip to Home Depot

Over the weekend I did what we all do, went to Home Depot to get something I was requested to bring home. Now, anyone reading this blog sure is excited…arn’t you…what did Paul buy that was worth writing a blog on? And the answer doesn’t matter. But what I saw walking in the door should have an impact on all employers who read this […]

December 10, 2006

The $29.00 per Square Foot Low-E

Following my blog, you know we recently moved to our house in the mountains of New Hampshire. It is a 65 year old house that has the original wood windows. In keeping with the style of the house we wanted to put in new wooden windows. I called the local distributor of a major wood window manufacturer. A salesperson came to the house, measured and […]

December 6, 2006

It’s Coming Right Around the Corner

In 114 Days and about 12 hours, the Met’s will hear those great words–“Plaaay Baaaallll”. Deb Levy, who after all is the boss, wants these blogs about glass. So, Deb, I will drink a glass of diet-coke while watching opening day for the Mets. It is kinda of late tonight. Tomorrow there will actually be something on glass…probably low-e glass in my blog. For now, […]

December 6, 2006

It Snowed Yesterday

I woke up yesterday morning and the mountain, normally visible from our house was gone…I went on line, and the world was still here, so it was easy to rule out some of the global problems. An hour later I looked again, and the mountain was back. What a relief. But something changed. It was now white. Moving from tropical Long Island to New Hampshire […]

December 5, 2006

Health Insurance

Hello there in glassland, I received an interesting wake-up call today as I was purchasing medical insurance for my wife and myself. I have been on COBRA, courtesy of Oldcastle Glass(by the way, a sincere thanks to Oldcastle Glass) since my retirement last year. The insurance agent was very gentle today, but I still left with a headache. Replacing the generous policy we had, on […]