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July 25, 2017

Let’s Go Back to 1977 and See What’s New Now

It’s 1977. I have been working for C.R. Laurence Co. for a year, covering four New England states. This note is just about one particular company, and let me tell you why. Last week Elaine and I were going to Cape Cod for a couple of days. As we drove through the city of New Bedford, I told Elaine a story about one of my […]

May 20, 2017

What is a Goal?

We all know this. It is the line you cross to score a touchdown. It is painted white on a big grassy field; you can see it from seats in the top row, hundreds of feet in the air. People watching on TV can see it from five different angles. Crossing by just an inch gets the big score that can tie the game. Are […]

May 15, 2017

I Have a Fountain Pen that is 34 Years Old

My wife bought it for me when I started at Floral Glass. It cost about $50 then. If I added up all the costs of buying a new Bic pen every other day after losing one, this pen is certainly a better investment. So what? How is this important enough to write a blog about? Read on, dear friends, and you will learn about a […]

January 12, 2016

Let’s Talk More About Customer Service

A quick step back… on December 14, I wrote a blog about customer service relating to my laptop, where the servicing company really screwed up. They lost my computer for ten days, were constantly lying to me, and then they finally shipped it to me. When I went to use it, I found out it was someone else’s computer, and waited another 12 days for […]

October 13, 2015

Checking Up On Your Company… Part 2

Before getting into this blog, I would like to thank all of my readers for their comments and best wishes in this bout with cancer. I am home and feel good. In November I start chemo, once every other week for six months. So, I will have one week of discomfort and one week of feeling great. Actually, I am looking forward to these infusions, […]