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April 12, 2022

How Are You Handling Vacations This Year?

Huh? What is going on? Thinking about summer now when there are so many more important thoughts. Ukraine, COVID, baseball, and “vacations” was all I could come up with? Well, you have read this far, so give up three minutes and read the rest of this blog. Everyone wants their summer vacation. They want to visit the beach with their kids or travel to see […]

April 5, 2022

Successful Management Involves the Whole Team

“So much of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to work.” Peter Drucker I had coffee with some friends this week when our work situations became the topic. One of our friends was upset about a review they had just received from their boss. This person had been with the same company for over 20 years, and this was the […]

May 21, 2018

Where Did That Money Come From?

I received a check last week in an envelope with no return address. The note inside simply said, “We’ll be in touch soon. We have a job for you.” What kind of a job? Who would send me a certified check for $130,000? This sounds too familiar to be a coincidence. As a consultant I have various clients, but no one has committed a contract this […]

May 14, 2018

How Easy is it For You to Change?

I was reading an article the other day that discussed the change in the name of the Boy Scouts. I was a Cub Scout, my mom was the den mother. Our son was in the Boy Scouts for ten years and loved every minute. Yet, something as tradition-bound and established as the Boy Scouts are, they can change. They have allowed and encouraged girls to […]