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November 16, 2021

Let’s Talk About Someone Who Knows Your Business Better Than You

Who could that possibly be?  You do everything at “Your Glass Shop” located on Main Street in Everytown, N.H. Who could know more than you? Hmm, let’s take a good guess … Duh, of course, it is your employees. Each and everyone of them has at least one good idea that can help you and your company. How do you get these folks to use […]

October 19, 2021

Are You Willing To Place A Bet On People?

What are the odds on this bet? What would I win? Can I lose? Here are the answers: The odds are 70-30 in your favor; your win would be a new employee or two, and yes, you could lose. But that is what betting is all about. Roughly a quarter of a million, mostly men, are released from federal, state, and local prisons every year, and […]

September 21, 2021

It’s Christmas Shopping Time for the Glass Industry

Yup. Customers are looking for bathroom renovations NOW! Does this show up in your showroom or your advertising? Does your internet presence show that you do this better than other pros can possibly do it? Do you include before and after pictures in advertising? If you don’t, you should. Do you feature mirror jobs in bathrooms? You should. How about new windows in older houses? […]

September 5, 2017

A Disaster Could Never Impact My Business

Right. You are on a small hill, so no flood damage. You have lightning rods on your building. You have cameras and alarm systems covering your building. You just spent $70K to have fire sprinklers installed. You have got it made. Yup. Sure. ‘Easy Street’ is the new name of your road. And, buffaloes have wings and pigs fly. Knock knock… wake up! You have […]

April 5, 2016

A Good Way To Solve Problems

Many years ago, our daughter, Jessica, asked me what I did for work at Floral Glass, which at the time was the leading fabricator in the New York City area. I thought about it for a minute, and I told her my main job was making decisions. Jessica was four at the time, and she didn’t understand how making decisions helped making glass. But that […]