Tag: Paul Bieber

April 20, 2021

Get Ready for The Surging American Economy–Now!

The news last week was astounding. More people are getting back to work and the overall economy in the U.S. is growing. People with their second COVID shots are starting to get out of their homes. The consumer sales in our industry are face-to-face, not on the internet. Okay, you get the hint. Let’s get our retail glass businesses ready for the surging economy. First […]

April 6, 2021

How is the Onboarding Process Done at Your Company?

The other day I was helping a gentleman hire a new person. We discussed his onboarding procedures and discovered that he had no formal procedures. He had just thrown people into the department they were hired for and let that department head do the job. We just discovered why more than half of the folks he hired left within one month. Let’s discuss this. You […]

September 13, 2015

A Very Well-Deserved Pat on the Back

Okay, I am starting from a prejudiced position. No doubt about it. Nonetheless, I want you to read this blog and know that it is all true and my prejudices are not showing up here.  Prejudices can be both good and bad; this is one of the good ones.  You see, Key Communications is very near and dear to my heart–a fact of which I […]