Tag: Value engineering

July 12, 2022

How will the Glass Price Increases Affect Your Business?

This is a question that all glass shops are attempting to answer, no matter how large or small. I know on the west coast there are glass suppliers that are holding their prices for 30 or 60 days on some large jobs, and others that are stopping everything to update all the open quotes in their system. These are a few of the same decisions […]

June 14, 2022

Communications Between all the Stake Holders is the Key to Success

Next week I am going to be part of a panel at the AIA Conference in Chicago and two of the topics chosen to be discussed are: 1. Communications between the architect, general contractor, and subcontractors. 2. How can we keep new and innovative, but often expensive, products from being VE’d out of the project? In preparing for the event the panel has been meeting […]